We inspire leaders to influence transformation in their organizations, by providing life changing leadership education

Who we are:

Our organization teaches leadership skills that open the door to self‑ awareness and create a culture of positivity. For any stage of business/employment, whether a startup company or just trying to progress your existing culture, our courses and workshops will leave you with tangible tools you can use, not just theory. Each is filled with practicums to create opportunity to learn by demonstrating the work right away, with feedback.

We provide the tools needed to create a culture of high performing people who desire meaningful work.

Expect results to be dynamic leaders who inspire people to use their full potential. No matter the industry, key elements to success are the Hiring and On-boarding, Training and Coaching, and a clear Developmental Path to support ongoing learning.

The Nick’s Experience

In just one day, uncover the secrets to building a team led environment where everyone enjoys coming to work! Grab ahold of this opportunity to see, touch, hear and smell (over lunch taste) what a healthy, metrics driven systemized culture looks like!

Trust-and-Track: Leadership “On Purpose”

In this 2 1/2 day experiential workshop you will learn the leadership language of communication. This workshop will assist you in building stronger relationships at work and at home. Lets us show you how to cultivate a positive work environment where your team wants to stay!

Interview and Hire “On Purpose”

Build the team of your dreams! Learn interviewing skills that will acquire you the best team you’ve ever had; by peeling back the layers of each applicant’s true character to reveal a fit for your business. Walk away with a proven system to support retention and prevent turnover!

If you don’t leave feeling ENERGIZED and INSPIRED after any of these classes, we haven’t done our job!

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