Our Purpose

We inspire leaders to influence transformation in their organizations by providing life-changing leadership education.

Our organization teaches leadership skills that open the door to self‑ awareness and create a culture of positivity. For any stage of business/employment, whether a startup company or just trying to progress your existing culture, our courses and workshops will leave you with tangible tools you can use, not just theory. Each is filled with practicums to create opportunity to learn by demonstrating the work right away, with feedback.

We provide the tools needed to create a culture of high performing people who desire meaningful work.

Expect results to be dynamic leaders who inspire people to use their full potential. No matter the industry, key elements to success are the Hiring and Onboarding, Training and Coaching, and a clear Developmental Path to support ongoing learning.

What Will You Learn?

Trust-and-Track: Leadership “On Purpose”

The skills you learn in this class are what got Nick on the cover of Inc Magazine! Spend two full days side by side with Nick and Rudy learning how to BE a Trust-and-Track Leader. Mornings include restaurant tours and an interactive panel with some of our A+ team members. Evenings are where it gets intense! You’ll participate with members of our team working to become trainers. We go off-site where you’ll learn six core communication models that can be applied to nearly any situation, in any organization, in any industry.

Key Take-Aways: Impact of Purpose and Values in Business, Effective Communication, Leadership Training, Coaching, Feedback Systems

Interview and Hire “On Purpose”

In an industry with annual turnover of 100-150%, Nick’s Pizza & Pub maintains less than 25% turnover with nearly 200 team members! You’ll learn our interviewing process and supporting tactics to hire the right people. Leave understanding why investing in your team’s training minimizes costly turnover and ultimately saves valuable time for your organization!

Key Take-aways: Our Hiring Process, Specific Types of Questions/Activities, How to Build a High Performing Team, Hiring’s Impact on Your Company’s Culture

The Nick’s Experience

You’ll spend time touring our restaurants with our leadership team as well as Nick himself learning “how we do it.” Take-away tangible tools and proven systems to support you in running a profitable, purpose-driven company.

Key Take-aways: The Power of Purpose and Values in Business, Trust-and-Track Leadership Systems, How We’ve Built a Culture of Trust

We create dynamic leaders that inspire people to use their full potential.

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If you don’t leave feeling ENERGIZED, INSPIRED and EXHAUSTED after any of these classes, we haven’t done our job!