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Live WorkshopsWe offer courses that open the door to self-awareness and create positive culture. Each course will help you create opportunity and build a team of high-performing people who want to do meaningful work. You’ll inspire people to perform at their full potential.  Our live workshops provide everything you need to succeed. Let’s get started!

Trust-and-Track: Leadership “On Purpose”

In this two day session, you will learn how to BE a Trust-and-Track leader and ways to begin shifting the culture of your company. You will walk away equipped with numerous communication skills and tools that will heighten your awareness and ultimately allow you to: build trust within your team/organization, give EFFECTIVE feedback, work through drama, delegate EFFICIENTLY and create the type of company that you’ve always wanted to work for. This is truly one of the best live workshops you’ll ever attend.

Interview and Hire “On Purpose”

In this interactive two day session, we will reveal all of our interviewing “secrets” and you will personally get to go through the entire process while our team explains the purpose of each exercise. We’ll share how and why we hire for values alignment rather than experience and the importance of setting your newly hired team members up for success with explicit training. After these two days, you will completely rethink how you hire.

The Nick’s Experience

The Nick’s Experience is designed to provide an overview of how we run our purpose and values driven business. You’ll spend the day learning about our training systems, communication tools and open book financials and give real life examples of how these processes impact and improve our restaurants.

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