Your challenge should you choose to accept it is to:

Learn the leadership language of communication

in a 2 1/2 day experiential workshop

that will build stronger relationships

to cultivate a meaningful place to work 

where people want to stay!

Our 20+ years of results have convinced us that Trust-and-Track Leadership is the future and the style most suitable for successful businesses in 21st Century!

Trust-and-Track Leadership On Purpose

Trust-and-Track cultivates creativity, accelerates innovation and idea generation and not only welcomes, but encourages individuality.

It is critical to understand that Trust-and-Track Leadership is two parts, both equally important: It starts with building trust which takes time and commitment. “Trust” alone is really “Trust-and-Hope” and as we have learned first-hand over the years, you can waste a lot of money trusting and hoping things get done. On the other hand, only “Tracking” your team’s performance is really just another way of saying Command-and-Control. As leaders, we need the balance of both. We have to learn to be explicit, let go and TRUST our team to do their best WHILE TRACKING their performance along the way; coaching and course correcting IN THE MOMENT. Once you do, step back and watch your team exceed even your greatest expectations.

In this two and a half day workshop, you will learn how to BE a Trust-and-Track leader and learn ways to begin shifting the culture of your company. You will walk away equipped with numerous communication skills and tools that will heighten your awareness and develop your emotional intelligence. Leave with the tools to build trust within your team/organization, give EFFECTIVE feedback, work through drama, delegate EFFICIENTLY and create the type of company that you’ve always wanted to work for. Get started with the Trust-and-Track Leadership workshop today!

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Day 1 Agenda

We begin our time with a personal tour of the restaurant including the systems and culture tools we teach, and an interactive opportunity to see the work you are about to learn, and actually more, in action. From Nick walking through how the physical restaurant was built to how the not so physical, but very tangible, culture is built. Then we pause briefly for lunch in the restaurant, and then right into an interactive exercise on purpose‑ values‑ mission‑ vision‑ tasks‑ objectives, planting the seeds of purpose and cultivating our “why” and “how”.  The first evening of the Trust-and-Track Leadership session, as the group is extended to include the Nick’s Pizza & Pub team members we get right into the work of conscious communication™.

This is an experiential session that will engage the participation of each person, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. You won’t find any school desks here.

Day 1 will cover:

  •  Operational cards™ (Trust-­‐‑and-­‐‑Track checklist)
  •  Business as A School Certification Program
  •  Purpose & Values Decision Making Process
  • Open Books, Fiscal Huddles
  • Safe Space © Communication Tool
  • Karpman’s Drama Triangle ©

Day 2 Agenda

We start our day loading up the bus to drive to the Elgin restaurant. There we will walk through a tour of the systems again, with a perspective on how these system cultivate a team of leaders, and an integrated succession plan so that multiple units can perform at high levels without the owner or the typical hierarchal model. Again this is very interactive, and where we spend time addressing all the “what if’s” that our participants have for understanding how to apply and implement these systems in various industries. We then pause for a brief lunch, and right into a Q&A session with a panel of everyday team members from Nick’s. Then we are back in the bus and back to the hotel for a break mid-­afternoon before our 4 pm evening session begins again. As we step into the second and final evening of the sessions we spend a little time in review, and most of our time actually using the trust‑and‑track leadership tools in an experiential way, a process known in the organizational psychology world as practicums.

Day two puts into practice:

  • Safe Space © Communication Tool
  • Karpman’s Drama triangle ©
  • Patti Wilson coaching model
  • Feedback system

Day 3 Agenda

As your mind may be swirling with all that you learned from the past 2 days, we begin the discussion for implementation. All the questions of how will this work in my business or where should I start will be answered in this half day. Walk away with a detailed plan on how to integrate this new language into your everyday. Be prepared to teach your team the conscious communication tools you have just learned in the Trust-and-Track Leadership workshop and begin to watch the performance of your team rise.

See What Recent Graduates Say

Wonderful training, for companies with any number of employees. I highly recommend this, and we are hard at work implementing what we learned already. Thank you for teaching this!

Sherry BoyerChief of Dog Wranglin’ at Dog House Inn

It’s a life changer

Jacob KeeneyManager, Play N Stay Pet Camp

Using Nick’s leadership tools, we transformed how we work together and communicate. Teamwork, collaboration, and little to no drama, have made us more efficient and the best part is that we are all having more fun than ever.

Mark Mitchell State Farm Agent

Standard Package
per person
Trust-and-Track: Leadership
“On Purpose”
Learn the leadership language of communication
Live 2 1/2 day workshop
Meet virtually with the other participants in your cohort twice after the live workshop
Bonus: Access to our Business As a School self-paced online course
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Premium Package
per person
Trust-and-Track: Leadership
“On Purpose”
Learn the leadership language of communication. Obtain one-on-one coaching from an expert in the field.
Live 2 1/2 day workshop
Meet virtually with the other participants in your cohort twice after the live workshop
Access to our Business As a School self-paced online course
One-on-one coaching coaching sessions with Nick Sarillo
Bonus: Steps to delegation
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  • Impact of Purpose and Values in Business
  • Communication tool to support safely stepping into conflict
  • Awareness to identify drama and how to stop it
  • Progressive feedback system that builds on the positive
  • Impact of leadership behavior


If you don’t leave feeling ENERGIZED, INSPIRED and EXHAUSTED after any of these classes, we haven’t done our job!