The Ultimate Feedback System for High Performance

2 week online LIVE workshop on: Monday Feb. 12th Wednesday Feb. 14th Monday Feb. 19th Wednesday Feb. 21st  

Time: 10:00am-11:00am CST  

Q&A Session: Friday Feb. 23rd 1:00-2:00pm CST  



Ever see a task being completed that isn't up to par, you know you need to say something but just don't know how to say it? Worried what their reaction will be? Want to ensure the work enviornment is still positive? 

We've been there! Before The Ultimate Feedback System we didn't want to be the "bad guy" either, who had to remind a team member to put on their name tag day after day. Our culture actually suffered from our too nice mentality and something needed to change. With the support of Rudy Miick we developed The Ultimate Feedback System for High Performance, a progressive way to celebrate performance and name behaviors that need to change. 

Now our whole team uses the system to coach one another and we even teach it to all of our team members at Nick's Pizza & Pub on their second day on the job! This is one reason we have less than 25% turnover in the resturant industry that typically sees 100-150% turnover. Our team says time and time again one of the reasons they love working at Nick's Pizza & Pub is because their ability coach one another. 

Stop feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders, and start building a system of coaching into your business. 

By implementing The Ultimate Feedback System, you will:  

  •  Create a more productive team 
  •  Raise morale 
  •  Decrease turnover 
  •  Increase profits 

Giving- and even receiving - feedback often has negative connotations and possibly even inspires a sense of foreboding, critism, anxiety and fear. And yet, in our experience, in order to build up a team that respects one another, communicates well and performs at its best, mastering the art of feedback is crucial. Without it, resentment builds, tempers flare and fear begins to erode trust. None of which leads to a productive, purposeful workplace. Ultimately, without effective feedback practices, you face a fractured workplace and high turnover. 

 So how do you change the nature of feedback into something that is not only accepted but welcomed? 

We'd love to show you. 

 In The Ultimate Feedback System for High Performance we will equip you with both the theory and tools to understand how to give feedback in a way that is both sensitive to the nature of the relationship and assertive to the point where you can address the issues at hand. What we'll teach you is not simply how to give better feedback to your team but how to enable them, as a whole, to give and receive better feedback with one another, fostering trust and increasing efficiency in your workplace. 

Based on our 14 years of experience, we've seen these tools transform our business into a place where team members encourage one another by giving effective supportive feedback. 

In The Ultimate Feedback System for High Performance we'll walk you through four different ways to give feedback as well as a framework to help you know when to apply them. We'll also dig deeper into understanding best practices for each.  

Finally, we'll move from theory to implementation. This is a hands on class that aims to go beyond textbook principles and offer you opportunities to practice what you're learning and brainstorm current challenges in a safe space. Offers access to our trainers who put these tools to use everyday and a network to support one another as each of you take these practices back to your workplaces and see results

“Nick's Feedback System for High Performance has shifted the tone of our conversations with staff from "Oh No, what did I do wrong now!?!?” to "I can't wait to share what I learned today and what I want to learn more about!" I can't say enough great things about all of the training through Nick's University." 

Beverly Linning- Bark N Town

So if you'd like to learn how to:

  • Build an engaging workforce that gives constant feedback to one another 
  • Create a high performing team resulting in bottom line impact 
  • Improve both the atmosphere and output at your workplace 

Then join us for a two week intensive starting on February 12, 2018

This class will meet "live", on Zoom:

Monday February 12th 10:00am-11:00am CST

Wednesday February 14th 10:00am-11:00am CST

Monday February 19th 10:00am-11:00am CST

Wednesday February 21st 10:00am-11:00am CST

In addition, we'll be hosting open office hours on Friday February 23rd from 1:00pm-2:00pm for further Q&A  

Why are we offering this "Live"? For two reasons. We believe that learning these skills goes beyond just reading a good article or how-to guide. So we want to provide you with a place where you can interact with others, ask questions to our own trainers and have opportunities to "practice" the different techniques we cover. Second, it allows us to address any questions you have as we go. 

If you have any questions about attendance let us know: 


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Here's a taste of what we'll cover in our two weeks together: 


In addition to uncovering why you need to give feedback, you'll determine what's holding you back from speaking the truth. We'll help you understand the type of leader you want to be and enable you to be that leader. 


We'll lay the foundation for building relationships that foster effective feedback. We'll cover the importance of humility and witness the establishment of trust through feedback itself. We'll also talk about how to give feedback in the moment that is direct and appropriate. 


What we know to be true is that our body language often speaks louder than our words. So we'll talk about how we, as leaders, send messages beyond just what we say. You'll walk away equipped with the best practices in the art of giving feedback after this module. 


Now that you are getting comfortable using The System for High Performance, we'll equip you to take it back to your team and guide you through the process of teaching this system to others in order to elevate your workplace. 

This course is ideal for:  

  • Leaders who want to create a positive work environment  
  • Owners looking to drive performance  
  • Human Resource professionals seeking support with tools for their teams 
  • Online Course Facilitators 

Meet Your Online Course Facilitators  

Amy Gustafsson 

Head Coach of Culture

Amy Gustafsson, B.A., Lead Facilitator of Nick’s University

She began her journey with Nick’s Pizza & Pub as the Director of Training and she has been a vital part of the growth and innovation of our training department. Her conscious communication tools shine through as she leads with a passion for the purpose driven culture we have created at Nick’s Pizza & Pub. She provides over ten years experience in hiring, training, coaching and leadership. Amy regularly leads Nick’s Pizza & Pub orientations, our Train the Trainer course, Hire and Interview On Purpose Class as well as co-leads our Trust-and-Track: Leadership On Purpose class.

Kelsey Smith  

Nick's University Manager

Kelsey began her career at Nick’s Pizza & Pub as a server opening the Elgin restaurant in 2005. Upon experiencing the culture at Nick's Pizza & Pub she knew she wanted to be a part of the training team. Her passion for our culture shines through as she supports leaders and business owners to develop their own cultures. Kelsey regularly leads Nick's Pizza & Pub orientations and Online cohort video calls. 

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